Counselling and Psychotherapy

Advanced Counselling Therapies supplies counselling and psychotherapy services to Individuals, Couples, Youth / Teens and Children.


Everyone has something to say or a story to tell, that matters.

Is something Bothering you? Controlling you? Or limiting you?

What if gently together we could bring this to the surface, shine a light on it and allow a shadow to disappear... so that a freshly empowered you can emerge.

Whatever obstacle, counselling and psychotherapy is all about investing in you because you matter.

This is your time for you, in support of you achieving your fullest potential.

Make a commitment to yourself today TO MATTER.

"I had a few sessions with you now and am deeply grateful as my life seems to have taken off as a result and something has changed in me. I am more courageous and not so afraid. I am quite excited at what is happening for me."

Couple Counselling

What do you as a couple hope for?

  • To reconnect at deeper level?
  • To feel truly heard?
  • To be acknowledged?
  • To communicate openly without fear?
  • To find empowering solutions?
  • To rediscover your love and joy?
  • To live in genuine and true partnership?

Relationship or Couple Counselling offers you practical tools and skills based on a simple and safe framework that empowers you to reconnect at a deeper level and rekindle those bonds that originally attracted you to each other.

Conflict in relationships can cause injury to the basic attachments that hold the relationship together.

Perhaps an affair, a conflict in goals or constant bickering has left you feeling as though you and your partner are growing apart. Or perhaps there is so much dissatisfaction in the relationship that the real problem is clouded over with all the little things that get in the way of resolving issues.

If you don't like the path your relationship is taking, it's time to change the cycle.

If your wish is to be open, safe and free in your communications, then this co-creative structured approach will support and facilitate empowering healing change.

Invest in you!  

Youth / Teens

Are you concerned about our Youth?

  • Depression and stress is on the increase
  • Bullying is a serious issue in all of our schools
  • Statistics of addictions and suicide are worrying
  • Our children have to deal with parents breaking up and the family unit breaking down
  • Young people are struggling with low self-esteem and emotional conflict both at home and in school

Youth who are experiencing social, emotional and/or relationship difficulties benefit from Youth Counselling.

Counsellors believe that all children and youth need a connection to family or other positive role models to help them mature. This link is vital in order to provide guidance, direction and nurturing. Supporting youth will in turn lead to healthy relationships and mature adults. Their specific needs and concerns are different and support means including measures to deal with these differences.

Would you like to see transformation in your teenager or young person in core areas such as self-confidence, communication skills, focus, vitality and emotional wellbeing?

Emotional Intelligence transforms and inspires change from the inside-out.

It is every young person’s right to release all that is limiting and freshly experience themselves as empowered and free. This is true freedom.

Take action and make an appointment now!

Children (over 5yrs)

Is your child struggling with lack of confidence?

  • Feeling angry or lashing out?
  • Dealing with a family breakup?
  • Being bullied/abused?
  • Tantrums?
  • Depression?
  • Anxious or fearful?
  • Grieving a loss?
  • Learning issues?
  • Withdrawn?
  • Constantly unwell and missing school?
  • Scared of the dark?

Advanced Counselling is deeply transformational for children!

Simple techniques honour and facilitate access to suppressed feelings reaching your child creatively developing emotional intelligence. Stories, sand and art therapy along with focused counselling practice allow your child to blossom naturally into the fullness of their own heart.

You can expect your child to spontaneously develop:

  • Self- belief
  • Empowerment
  • Self-motivation
  • Inner calm
  • Creativity
  • Joy and happiness
Emotional Intelligence leads to empowerment!

Every session releases anxieties that have been holding your child back in a gently honouring way Inspiring their heartfelt sense and re-energising their vitality.

If you are looking for specific and measurable results, call us today
"Emotion arises at the place where mind and body meet. It is the body's reaction to your mind – or, you might say, a reflection of your mind in the body."
Eckhart Tolle – The Power of Now



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